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kitchen crew's daily soup
Chef's Teaching, Cook Learning 9

Pear, apple & friends 
Valdeon bleu, smoked almonds, honeycomb, petit lettuces,
red wine vinaigrette 12 {vegetarian}

“all kale Caesar!”
Lemon-scented croutons, grilled lemon, shaved parmesan,
Caesar dressing 14
Add: chicken +4 | shrimp +5 | salmon +6

Beets & cold-smoked trout
Heirloom apples, peppered walnuts, chive potato cake,
feathered horseradish valdeon bleu, blood orange
vinaigrette 18  {vegetarian 14}

Wyoming bison tartar
Smoked egg yolk, “everything cracker”, pickled
mushrooms, noble tonic cinegar 21

Not your typical fries
Parmesan, liquid gold, roasted garlic, fine herbs,
duo of chips 10

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private parties, please contact:

Brandon Fortune | Executive Chef
Instagram: @fortunatechef

Patrick McEntyre | Restaurant Chef

Gary Crump | Director of Outlets


Some items may differ in the current menu.
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Hickory smoked hot wings
Vindaloo glaze, fine herbs, cooling yogurt,
shaved vegetables 12

Duck confit egg roll
Braised cabbage, Serrano chilies, curried ranchero sauce,
citrus crema, garlic chards 10 {vegetarian 8}

Tennessee “meat & Three”
Local Tennessee prosciutto, three cheeses, seasonal garnishes,
assorted breads 22

Tikka marsala-style pork “fajitas”
Cucumber yogurt, fajita veggies, grilled naan 20
{vegetarian 14}

Shrimp & grits
Cucumber yogurt, fajita veggies, grilled naan 20
{vegetarian 14}

Chicken ‘n’ dumplins
Puffed biscuit dough, confit chicken, coconut curry gravy,
onions, carrots ‘n’ celery, cracklin 20

“cowgirl” ribeye steak
 Horseradish potato puree, black garlic, buttermilk fried onions,
smoked yolk béarnaise 38


sweet endings

Bittersweet chocolate mousse cake
Malted vanilla ice cream, coca meringue, chocolate custard 9

Buttermilk chess
Blackberry sherbert, pistachio-lime streusel, meringue 9


coconut panna cotta
Passion fruit, meringue kisses, raspberry gastrique, dark chocolate crème 9

blackberry pear pie crepes 9

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“hog ‘n’ hominy”
Citrus braised pork, creamed cornbread, hominy-poblano
puree, epazote, pickled cabbage, chicharrones 18

A better burger
White cheddar, candied onions, peppercorn-truffle aioli,
crispy onions 16

Pear, prosciutto & bleu cheese flatbread
Arugula pesto, basil leaves, noble tonic vinegar 16
{vegetarian 14}

mArgherita flatbread
Confit tomatoes, basil-mint pesto, mozzarella,
aged balsamic 14 {vegetarian}
Add: chicken +4 | shrimp +5 

Artic char
Black-eye pea hummus, kale two ways, smoked ham hock,
winter succotash, preserved meyer lemon 20 small | 30 large




Patron Silver, Fresh Pomagranate, Rosemary, Agave  12

These dishes have been created with strict nutritional guidelines set by personal trainer Erin Oprea.  For a complete description, please ask your server for more information.
B'FAST: 6:30a to 11a
LUN.: 11a to 3p
DIN.: 5p to 10p
Brunch Served Saturday & Sunday

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